Chestnut Pie
Cod Friday
Grandma Ada's Tagliatelle
Homemade bread
Le ciacciole
Le schiacciate
Leontina's Coal-Covered Cake
Lunches of the Threshing Time
Tagliatelle with Rabbit Sauce
We Didn't Like Boiled Meat
When the Pig Was Slaughtered

Le ciacciole

A real delicacy that was made from bread dough were "ciacciole".With some dough that had plenty of yeast in it, we made thin layers and fried them in a long-handled iron pan over the fireplace flames. We stacked them on top of each other, sprinkling them with sugar. Let me tell you that they were delicious. You can try making them yourself with the recipe. We often had ciaccole for lunch the day we made the bread

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