Chestnut Pie
Cod Friday
Grandma Ada's Tagliatelle
Homemade bread
Le ciacciole
Le schiacciate
Leontina's Coal-Covered Cake
Lunches of the Threshing Time
Tagliatelle with Rabbit Sauce
We Didn't Like Boiled Meat
When the Pig Was Slaughtered

Le schiacciate

When the massaie (farmer's wives) made bread, they always put aside some of the dough to make some schiacciate cakes (flat cakes) to pop in the oven when the bread was half-baked. They were very simple, made only with dough and ciccioli, lo strutto (pork fats), or raisins, depending on the season. When the oven was being used regularly it stayed pretty hot and could be used to dry fruit. They would dry slices of apple "le pacchine", plums, grapes, figs or whatever was available in that season.

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