1) MENU: When you need new ideas or indications to prepare an unusual menu, here you are: a helping hand from "". You can send us the information about the number of people and some information about the tastes and preferendes of your guests and ribollita will prepare the menu. Please insert your data and send your request.

2) MENU AND RECIPIES: If you want the recepies, besides the menu: no problem! "" will give you the dishes recepies and the ingredients you need. Insert your data and send your request.

3) COOKING AT HOME: If you don't want to cook, but to enjoy the warm atmosphere of your home still having someone who will cook for you and your guests, here you are: "" will help you doing it! You can contact us and we will be willing to come to your place and cook for you and your friends. Insert your data and send your request: The price for the service will be shown to you for approval.

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