Chestnut Pie
Cod Friday
Grandma Ada's Tagliatelle
Homemade bread
Le ciacciole
Le schiacciate
Leontina's Coal-Covered Cake
Lunches of the Threshing Time
Tagliatelle with Rabbit Sauce
We Didn't Like Boiled Meat
When the Pig Was Slaughtered

Cod Friday

My wife makes "zimino", a green sauce, with chard and squid or cuttlefish. My mother made it with cod and spinach.This dish also brings me back to when I was a boy in culottes like no one wears anymore, my schoolbooks attached to my bicycle and my face hot from running. And I always had such an appetite, the hunger of a 15-year old that can make you cherish just a plain piece of bread. Maybe that's why certain dishes, certain flavors remain engraved in my mind in perfect detail.The recipes on this site aren't the recipes of a cook. They describe the dishes my grandmothers and my mother used to cook. Many of them are reproduced in the country traditions of Umbria and Tuscany. They are made with the ingredients the earth offered each season. There are also recipes that my wife, Grazia, and I make for ourselves and our friends. Gradually, more will be added, new recipes (or, actually, old ones), that we hear about from the older generation. Some of these recipes are mentioned in the stories and recall flavors difficult to reproduce. But there's no harm in trying! Happy cooking!

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